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Weddings on the beach in the winter are so magical.
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Destin Beach Weddings on the Gulf Coast

Because Love never has a day off…

Yours Truly Weddings is open 7 days a week because Love never has a day off. We pride ourselves in helping couples have a memorable wedding day. As you can see, we have many wonderful reviews from our couples which helps us continue to be the leader in beach weddings. We employ the best of the best talent which shows from our work.

We treat every couple the same and continue to strive with the best customer service. Contact us today so we can answer all of your questions so you won’t feel overwhelmed and let us take care of any worries you have planning a Destination wedding! 

Beach Weddings in the Winter

Beach weddings mostly take place in the spring and summer but our beaches have incredible beauty in the winter.
More beach loving couples today decide to have winter beach weddings because a beach in the winter is a unique place and less crowded.
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Fall Is the Perfect Time for Reserving your Wedding Date for Next Year

As fall approaches us, most couples are planning their beach wedding for next year. Fall is the perfect time to also have your beach wedding as our busy tourist season is April through September so the beaches will be less crowded.

Another thing to keep in mind is there are only so many beach permits for weddings so if you reserve your date now, you will be more guaranteed to have a beach access next year for the busy months.

Henderson Beach State Park is one of our favorites as they have plenty parking and mark a spot off on the beach for you for your ceremony. The public beach accesses do not. Check out their You Tube Video so you can see what Henderson Beach State has to offer for your Destin beach wedding.


Reserving Beach Accesses

Come to our beautiful white sandy beaches to have your special wedding day. When reserving your wedding date, Yours Truly Weddings will assist you in how to obtain a beach wedding permit. You can also visit our Destinations link at for more information.

Our favorite beach access in Destin is Henderson Beach State Park where they partition off a place for you on the beach. You can also use your condo’s beach access. Just make sure you get permission from them first. It is not required to have a beach permit before your reserve your date as long as we know where to set up for you in advance before your special day arrives.

Call us today at 850-543-9204 for more information.

5 Rules on Choosing Your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

After you have chosen your bridesmaids for your wedding, you will then start the hunt for the perfect bridesmaids’ dress so they can make you look even better.

Here are a few rules to help with your chosen dress.

  1. Keep It Short
    When picking out dresses, you may want to go with a short length so that the ends of the dress aren’t dragging in the sand and the hemline isn’t damaged by the beach wind and potential waves. Going short can also allow your bridesmaids to pick out cute shoes, whether they’re flat sandals or something more formal, that make the dress pop with their personality.
  2. Pick the Right Fabric
    When determining what kind of fabric is best for a beach bridesmaids’ dress, think about picking something that breathes, like chiffon or cotton. A casual look may be more comfortable for your squad of BFFs to wear when walking down the sandy aisle.
  3. Remember What Season It Is
    Don’t immediately think hot weather just because you’re heading seaside. Sometimes, depending on the season, it can be chilly at night on the water. If you’re getting married during a month that has seasonally cold temperatures after dark, consider adding a shawl or jacket to the dress you select.
  4. Go With the Flow
    A flowy bridesmaids’ dress may blend better with a beach wedding vibe than one that is skintight. Since it may be a bit harder to move around on sand, you may want to pick a dress that ebbs and flows in the same way the palm trees do at the beach.
  5. Simple Usually Is Better
    One big benefit of doing a beach wedding is that you don’t have to splurge on fancy decorations, since the background scenery will wow your guests. That rule applies to bridesmaids’ dresses too. Picking something that’s softer in color may stand out more than you think outdoors in beach paradise.

Looking to plan your wedding on some of the most beautiful beaches? Then come to Destin, Pensacola, Perdido Key, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores to plan your beach wedding with Yours Truly Weddings.

Looking to plan your wedding on some of the most beautiful beaches? Then come to Destin, Pensacola, Perdido Key, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores to plan your beach wedding with Yours Truly Weddings.

We perform weddings 7 days a week and love helping yo
We will help direct you to obtain the proper beach permits for your weddings.
We are here seven days a week to answer any questions.
Call us at 850-543-9204 to reserve your date today.

Having a Reception for your Wedding

Yours Truly Weddings only handles the beach ceremony for your special day. We offer several beach wedding packages here in Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Pensacola, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores Alabama.

Most of the couples that come here for a beach wedding will either go to one of the restaurants that we have listed on our preferred vendor page as they usually have small separate rooms to hold your private reception in.

You can also hire a caterer if you prefer to have a private reception at your beach house or condo that you are staying at as well. Henderson Beach State Park has pavilions that you can rent for your reception as well. If you are preferring to have the reception at one of the larger beach resorts, it will be a lot more expensive. You can keep your costs down if you have it at the restaurants, condos banquet rooms or at the State Parks.

If you have any questions just ask us. We are here to help you on your special day.


Obtaining Your Marriage License

Some couples get a little confused on obtaining their marriage license when they arrive here to get married on the beach. You do not get your marriage license in your state and bring it with you. You apply for your licence here and they mail it back to the state you live in. In some cases, some states will allow you to get your marriage license in your home state and allow us to sign it out of state. You would have to check with your local marriage license office first and then we would be glad to sign it for you.